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Printmaking ideas

Art lessons for kids

1-Sunflower Prints

Sunflower prints.Taking advantage of the last few flowers of Summer.So fun…another printing first for us.

Children like to paint most freely.(Natural art activity)

What we need:

  • Paper plate
  • Paints
  • Sunflower(It can be a little difficult to find:))

sunflower printing idea

printmaking activities

printmaking ideas

2-Circle Prints

Homeschool circle theme printing art activity out of paper roll


  • Toilet paper rolls and circle different objects
  • White papers
  • Paints

Introducing shapes.
Circle theme;my daughter did some printing using different objects such as pots and toilet paper rolls.She loved it.

paper roll printmaking

3-Printing Roses with Celery Stalks

Printing roses with celery stalks for homeschool

Peanut just had to have celery last time I took him to the store but once we got home,we suddenly had a change of heart (I can’t believe it).Two weeks later,this produce has seen better days.We made celery roses by cutting the celery down to the bottom of the stalks and stamping them on the paper.The leaves are from the tip of a stalk.Ironically,Peanut decided mid-project that the does,in fact,like to eat celery,so he was crunching on the flaccid,paint covered stalk while he was working .We are going to cut these up and make thank you cards for holiday gifts.

vegetable printing art

4-Cookie Cutter Printing

Homeschool Valentine day theme cookie cutter painting activity

Heart cookie cutter art.

A great way to start the first day of #February we made cookie cutter heart art since February is the month of love.

valentine day printing art

5-Lid prints

Lid prints for kids

Yes yes yes that might just be a sneaky coffee lid you see before your eyes.Now,who would have thought my caffeine addiction would come in so handy for my little girls art work.

lid printing for kids

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