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Handprint painting

Handprint art

1-Homeschool handprint art fish activity

I told this story just before I made handprint art fish activity.

The small fish who woke up early in the morning went out to play games. But since it was too early, no one woke up. He passed by the octopus, the crabs, the turtles. The sea was so quiet, and this silence began to upset it.

The little fish yelled at me to wake up, but nobody woke up.

The sweet fish came swimming near the shore and saw a mouse there, said he’d play games with me, and the mouse ran away. The little fish is getting more upset. The little fish heard a call to help me when it was sad. It approached the direction where the voice came from. A little frog was trapped in the middle of the sea. It took him on his back and saved him. It carried it all the way to the shore. The little fish had a friend now.

My students who heard this story said they wanted to fish. We got our paint ready right now. Handprint painting is my favorite Art Activity. Fish hand printing is a very easy and fun work. You can do this work at your school or at home. We just hung it on the wall. Have a good work.handprint art for kids

handprint art idea

handprint art wall decoration

handprint art school decoration

kids handprint art

preschool handprint art

Handprint art activity


What you need:

  • Googly eyes
  • Sea shells
  • Red paint
  • White paper and black pen

handprint art and aquarium craft

2-Handprint Flowers

With this sunny weather upon us we were thinking spring in ”homeschool art” this morning.
We made ”handprint flowers” on stems and called the artwork.

handprint flowers art activity

3-Handprint Parrot Craft

The Parrot handprint crafts. It’s an easy paper workshop made by following the hands of my daughter and sticking them to a bird’s trunk for colored tail feathers.

Parrot handprint art and craft activity

4-Handprint Color Mixing

Homeschool or kindergarten friendship color mixing activity

Red+ blue or blue+yellow are great alone, but when you mix them you create something beautiful. This is how lasting friendships are formed.

baby handprint paint

5-Handprint Parrot Art

Get our hands messy for Safari week creating our super vibrant handprint parrots.

kids handprint art

kids handprint art idea

kids handprint art activity

kids handprint art activities

6-Homeschool handprint bird art acyivity

Gone away,is the blue bird.
Here to stay,is the new bird
He sings a love song
As we go along
Walking in a winter wonderland.
This handprint cardinal is an easy and stunning winter project for kids of all ages.

Red paint,blue paper and a little imagination go a long ways.

handprint cards

7-Handprint dinosaur artwork for homeschool

We watched an episode of bing this morning where the draws a big chalk dinosaur on the pavement and this inspired us the make some dinosaur paintings.Littlest kiddo loves all things ‘scary dinosaur,dragon&pirate’ so she was extremely excited to make these.She loved sliding her hand in the slippery paint and doing stamp,stamp,stamp.

Here are our lovely dinosaurs.

handprint cards for kids

Have fun…

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