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Educational games for kids

Homeschool and preschool games

1-Fishing Game for Toddlers


  • Craft stick/wooden stick
  • Yarn
  • Magnet
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners

Easy DIY Fishing Games for Toddlers. Twist pipe cleaners in shapes of fish.I glued googly eyes for a more fun fishy look.Using a craft stick for the fishing pole and tie a yarn.I reused a magnet from a old shower curtain liner.And glued it to the end of the yarn.And your done.Lets go fishing.

fishing games for kids

2-Leprechaun Trap Game

Homeschool leprechaun trap box project

While the toddler napped my four year old and I built a leprechaun trap using an old tissue box.I loved seeing her get creative with all the craft supplies.She loved pretending the leprechaun was already inside.

We had so much fun, making leprechaun traps box and pots of gold.

educational games

preschool games

3-Turkey Fine Motor Game

What needed:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Beads
  • Tweezer
  • Plastic tray
  • Paper

We made this great fine motor game for the month of November.

Using a mini water bottle,tweezer and fall color beads,the children use the tweezers to put the beads in the turkey bottle.So fun.

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turkey fine motor games

4-Dice -Domino Game

Homeschool math activity with dice and dominos

These concept provide a foundation for understanding basic math equations.With these games,children learn to break apart numbers to find partners.
For example:(6=4+2)
Having your child/children sort out the dominos needed for each of these games is part of their learning,so let them pick their own dominos for the game.

For level 1,let them sort out dominos whose dots total from 1 to 6.Them they put each domino on each petals of their flower.As you can see,I made a spider since I have a boy.Players take turns following one dice,looking for a domino that totals the number they rolled.If they have one,they then remove that domino from their flower or spider.

If the player has no domino that totals the number,he or she misses that turn.The first player to remove all of the dominos from his or her daisy,spider or whatever you choose to use,is the winnner.
Level 2 is pleated the same way,except that this time players will be rolling 2 dice and will need dominos that total 2 to 12.This game can be used for alphabets,sight words,numbers,or etc…

dice game for kids

dice game for toddlers

mat games for toddlers

5-Popsicle Stick Shape Game

Homeschool learning shapes game with using popsicle sticks

Square,triangle and rectangle

shapes game

shapes game for kids

shapes game for toddlers

shapes game for homeschool

shapes games

6-Bottle Caps Matching Activity


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