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Homeschool Lion Craft

Toddlers lion craft idea with using paper plate

Paper plate lion craft idea

Over the years I have learned to be prepared to make any animal.Got a request for a lion,and here it is.

Focus of the session:postural control,dissociation,in-hand manipulation,strengthening.

Postural Control:Taped the paper plate to the wall and had the kiddo stand on a balance board while coloring the orange.

Dissociation:Stabilizing the forearm and wrist on the wall while coloring to facilitate improved coordination and dissociation of digits.

In-hand manipulation:Shifting paper while cutting paper.

Strengthening:Get the kiddos into quadruped on the floor to reach for the brown pieces and place on the paper plate and bam you have yourself a lion (and an improving kiddo)

What is your favourite paper plate animals?

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