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Number Sewing Cards

Number lacing cards for homeschoolers

Sewing exercises is one of the most important parts of the Montessori practical life activities.With the acquisition of this skill, a child will be prepared to become by self-sufficient and will be a person more self-confident. Sewing activities are also a very useful activity in terms of hand-eye korrdination, fine motor development, attention and concentration development.

In the initial phase, a large wooden / plastic needle should be chosen which the child can easily grasp and does not harm himself. With this needle, yarn should be pass from pre-formed holes, then sewing figures should be shown. In this phase, large button sewing exercises can also be done. A sewing needle may be given to a child who gains practicality in this regard.

In this activity, which requires progress in stages, it should not be in a hurry and should not be passed until one stage is completed. Sewing techniques can also be taught to the child who develops sewing.


+ 3 years


The Development of Fine Motor Skills

Development of Practical Life Skills

Attention and Concentration

Cause-Effect Relation

Hand-Eye Coordination

Click here for printable number sewing cards:

Numbers lacing card

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