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Sensory activities

  • In this page, another example of the sensory pool I have prepared for my daughter is included. When we deal with the elementary education philosophy, the child gives great importance to the development of sensation in the preschool period. Although it is not considered as a montessori activity in the sense of the word, sensory pools make a great contribution to the sensory development of children. we are also addressing the sense of sight and touch. We also place objects that appeal to the sense of smell in the place. The important thing is to place as many objects that appeal to the senses as possible.
  • In addition to sensitizing the senses, it also contributes to the development of everyday life skills as it includes sensory activities such as transferring etc .. It provides a lot of attention to the development of the concentration and also helps to learn many concepts in a fun way. We learned a lot of fun. We talked a lot about it and it helped us to develop language.

  • You can also contribute to your child’s learning by creating sensory pools based on concepts they are curious about.

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