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White Color Activities

How to teach colors to preschool?

  • Practical Life,
  • Sensorial,
  • Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • Culture

White teaching colors

I prepare activities about each concept after handling them one by one while teaching them to my daughter, who is now one and a half years old. While preparing those activities, I especially pay attention to the fact that they appeal to the five basic activity fields stated above. We will address to the details about Montessori education system under a different title afterwards.

Our color is white…

We must use sensory box, mustn’t we ? We designed our white sensory bin in this way, you can form it as you wish.

Our dual piece completion cards-learn color for kids

Our dual piece completion cards about White colour craft objects. You can print them out or you can make them covered with PVC and use them afterwards. My advice is PVC because little children might tear them apart ?

teachig colors to preschool

Investigation with magnifying glass

montessori colors activities

You can investigate salt, flour and sugar after you put them in small bowls. Later, you can taste them so that you both stimulate the sense of taste and mention the concepts of sweet and hot. My little beloved one liked sugar a lot and wanted to go on with it ?

montessori music activities

Music education has a quite big impact on children’s emotional, social, physical, psychomotor, language and mental development. I will not write a long explanation about this here as we will handle this issue later under a new title.

We have a music hour with my daughter every day, we listen to the voices of different musical instruments and dance ? Having them meet different instruments according to their age group and development is an important step for their improvement.

Egg silicing activity

montessori color teaching

While peeling an egg, the finger muscles of your children will work hard. It will stimulate their sense of taste and your children will learn how to eat by themselves at the same time. It is one of the most popular and beneficial activities ?

Montessori transfer activities

transfer activities

montessori activity

Transmission activities have an important place in Montessori education system. There are a lot of examples of transmission like with hand, with spoon, from one container to another, with tongs, with tweezers, from bottle to glass.

These exercises are of capital importance for our beloved ones to do these actions by themselves, without having difficulties and with self-confidence.

These are the teach colorswhite colour craft activities that we made for the white color theme with my little birdie, you can diversify them further. You can find our activities with lamb, tooth and snow themes separately under this category.

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