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Fine Motor Skills Painting

Kids painting activities

1-Fine motor skills cotton buds painting and cotton wool pads painting for homeschool

Saw a couple of posts recently,one was painting with cotton buds which is great for fine motor skills,the other was painting on cotton wool pads.Thought I would combine the two.Great fun and I could throw most of it straight in the bin rather then wash brushes.

cotton buds paintin

2-Cotton Pad Art with Liquid Watercolours

With make-up cleansing cotton, different and beautiful activities can be prepared.As different materials are used, the interest of the children in the activity increases considerably. This activity, which is made using make-up cotton, also contributes to fine motor development. Art activities support both motor skills and mental development of children.

The materials we need:

  • Make-up cleaning cotton pads
  • Picture paper
  • Glue
  • Black pen
  • Watercolor
  • Dropper

All you need to do is make some patterns from cotton pads using scissors and glue them on paper 🙂 Have fun!

cotton pad art

cotton pad art painting

cotton pad art ideas

3-Homemade Puffy Paint Hearts

How to make  puffy paint at home?

Homemade puffy paint hearts.
I mixed up this paint while the boys were sleeping

  • 1 part self rising flour
  • 1 part salt
  • Enough water to get a paint like texture and food coloring

Homemade puffy paint: Flour, water, salt, and food coloring

Then my daughter went to town with q tips and eventually a dropper.I did not have card stock so we did these on the back of a cereal box.After she filled in all the paint we popped them in the microwave for 30 seconds to dry the paint out.I will picture the finished hearts next.

puffy paint

Puffy paint hearts completed

puffy painting art

4-Bubble Wrap Sheep Art Activity

Homeschool bubble wrap sheep painting art activity


  • Bubble wrap
  • Green paint
  • Sheep printable
  • Plastic shapes

Stamping using shapes and bubble wrap to create our green sheep.C had a few goes with assistance but was more interested in running around ,so Mummy finished it off.

bupple wrap painting

5-Foil Paper Art Activity

Homeschool fall theme foil paper and clothespin art activity

Make a fall picture.
We used foil paper crunched up into flattened balls as a stamper and attached a clothespin so they were easier to pick up!
These pictures came out beautiful.


  • Foil paper
  • Clothespin
  • Paints

foil paper painting

6-Dropper art

Dropper artwork for homeschool

If you have old bed/cot liners lying around,let the kids loose with coloured water and droppers.It is highly absorbent and the colours show up so well.If you mix colours,wait for the art piece to dry and the kids can examine the different pigments which separate as is very clear.We are going to try this with black ink or colouring next to see the different pigments that make it up.Stay tuned.

dropper art

I was decluttering and found some old bed liners which we used during night time potty training last time…waste not want not.Prepared some coloured water and droppers and voila.bed liner art?It is perfect as the colours blot nicely and the table doesn’t get soaked.

dropper art painting

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