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Fizzy Colours

Fizzy colours.
We pulled out the old bi-carb soda/vinegar experiment today which never fails to keep them entertained.I switched it up by adding the food colouring first (I used a plastic egg carry case from a discount store),tipping a spoonful of bi-carbonate soda on top & giving the girls a cup full of vinegar with a dropper.They then used the dropper to squirt vinegar on the bi-carb (fine motor skills),making it fizz & allowing them to discover the colour underneath.:)
If you have not yet tried this one it is a must.Check out our my daughter story for a brief glimpse at the fun (one of our very old posts to discover how to make a fizzy alphabet).


  • Plastic egg carry case
  • Vinegar
  • Bi-carb soda
  • A dropper

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