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Hot Air Balloon Sensory Bin

Hot air balloon craft and activity

This page includes hot air balloon sensory box with  for  our air transportation theme prepared by me for my sweet girl.

hot air balloon

Sensory bins have a significant place in Montessori philosophy of education. To mention briefly, they are the bins in which the objects, materials appealing  to as many senses as possible are placed.The purpose is to appeal to eyesight, sense of taste, hearing and touch.

These sensory bins help our children touch many different senses and learn lots of concepts by stimulating their senses. They contribute to the development of  fine motor skills as they also include activities like transferring etc. along with sensitising the senses.

This is one of our fun sensory bin ideas.

Hot air balloon sensory bin 🙂

hot air balloon decorations

Yellow bulgur wheat and green sand are mixed together and spread to the ground.

diy hot air balloon

We tried to give a different appearance to the mountains with buckwheat. We prepared the sky with the rice we painted with blue food dye.

hot air balloon theme

We prepared the way from white stones and put models on it.

tissue paper hot air balloon

Wooden houses and trees.

hot air balloon sensory bin

We tried to give the appearance of a cloud by grubbing and sticking white grappon paper onto a white background cardboard.

hot air balloon activity

The sun we made with the yellow glitter cheerleader.

hot air balloon for kids

baby hot air balloon

Hot air balloons prepared using colored cardboards..

toddlers hot air balloon

hot air balloon sensory table

A rainbow prepared using colorful crepe papers on a white  cardboard.

Have fun 🙂

Hot Air Balloon Collage Activity


  • Paper plate
  • Pipette
  • Glue and scissors
  • Colorful papers

Want to experience a magical hot air balloon ride with your toddler?

It is a guarentee to take off regandless of day.We spend the afternoon creating this colorful hot air balloon collage together and I just love seeing lots of different colours,kind of sets a positive mood for winter and a not so well toddler.This arty piece coincides with this week’s smocks on unconventional art theme which we have enjoyed joining in.Happy hump day everyone.


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