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Magnets of Ocean Animals Activity

Ocean craft

This page includes ocean craft animal activity and under the sea theme animals magnetic puzzle game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our ocean theme.

under the sea theme ocean craft

Toddlers under the sea theme activities

How you need:

  • Baking tray
  • Plain paper
  • Ceramic disc magnets
  • Pictures of ocean animals
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Color pens

ocean activities for preschool

How to make:

  • I cut the animal pictures from the sticker book but you can prepare them in a different way if you want. In order to make the animal pictures that I cut from sticker book more durable, I prepared cardboard or carton pieces according to the size of each picture.
  • I glued the marine animals to the pieces I prepared.
  • Then I glued the magnets on the back side of each piece with silicon. I used magnets to make it more durable, you can also use refrigerator magnets.

Attach the landscape picture drawn on drawing paper on a black baking tray with a magnet and place the animals on it. Our activity is ready 🙂

ocean theme preschool

Ohhh..You can also make a matching activity by using magnets of marine animals.

under the sea craft

ocean activities


You can also attach them on your refrigerator so that your beloved ones can spend enjoyable time while you are doing your work in the kitchen 🙂

It is a quite enjoyable activity for the development of fine motor skills. Academic success of children who cannot use their hands and fingers well is affected negatively and they have difficulties in writing.

That children feel incompetent in this field decreases their self-confidence and might affect their success in other fields in a negative way. You can also support your children’s development of fine motor skills with simple activities like these at home. Have fun 🙂

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