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Name Awareness by Hanging up Clothes

Most of the time, we observe that children want to analyze and ‘use’ the materials that adults use in their daily life instead of playing with expensive and complicated toys.The name activities is very simple.

name activities FOR KİDS

Name activities

Opening and closing the kitchen drawers, tasting clothespins, creating sounds by clashing the pan and its lid, trying to sweep the house, pouring water to glass from the bottle, playing with forks and spoons are enjoyable experiments for children. In short, the things we have forgotten that we learned in our daily life are the first discoveries that children should meet.

Activities under the name of daily life activities in Montessori system are quite interesting. Montessori system is also full of exercises that are going to form the basis of physical and mental activities in future ages.

Exercises of using spoon, knife and fork that they make by using materials designed appropriately for their own physical structure supports children to hold pencils correctly while transferring water or legumes from one container to another assists them to focus on tasks.

Activities like cleaning tables, dusting strengthens wrists and finger muscles. Exercises with dressing frames enables children to loop the buttons, zip up or belt without needing any help and stand for exercises of hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, working individually by making independent decisions, seeing that they can compensate for their own mistakes, availability of an education environment which offers opportunities to build up their minds and make explorations will liberate children, help them realize that they have the willpower and fulfill themselves. As long as they do not see extreme reactions in positive or negative aspects when they make mistake or succeed, completing these activities correctly will turn into a natural action for children.

This activity is an exercise prepared for name activities which also can support daily life skills. It is especially wonderful for princesses who love hanging up the clothes ?

It is especially wonderful for princesses who love hanging up the clothes ?


  • Rolls of waxed paper
  • Tiny colorful clothespins
  • Rope
  • Foam stickers
  • Brown, green and white background papers
  • Silicon
  • Silicon gun


  • First, I wrote letters of my daughter’s name on the pictures that I was going to print out by using photoshop. You can visit http://www.printabletreats.com for the dress pictures.
  • Then, I glued each paper on white background paper and cut the dress pictures. As A4 paper is too thin, it would be difficult to attach clothespins to them. We made them more durable in this way. You can also do this by using pvc.

name activities for toddlers

  • It was time to design the place to hang up the dresses. ? For this, I used rolls of waxed paper that I prepared for the activity ‘Addition with Frogs’. You can analyze its formation phases by clicking here.

name activities for baby

name activities kids

  • I cut a piece from white cardboard and covered it with green background paper.

  • After arranging the part where the dresses would be hung up by passing the rope through the holes of the rolls, I glued the rolls by opposing them to each other on the green ground with silicon.


  • Finally, I ornamented the place that we designed by using foam stickers.

  • And our activity is ready ? Enjoy the game ?

name game for kids

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