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Addition with Frogs


Addition games

This page includes another activity that I prepared for my daughter to make addition games enjoyable and concrete. You can check out our other addition activities from homeschoolaec.com


  • Brown background paper
  • Frog pictures and additions that I prepared on MS Word.
  • Rolls of waxed paper
  • Colorful crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Blue cardboard
  • Rubbish bag
  • Tongue depressors
  • Number stickers



  • First, paint the frog pictures prepared on MS Word. You can also print out colorful pictures but we prepared those stages with my daughter and it was very enjoyable ?

  • Let your children cut the frog pictures that are painted. ?

  • Fix the frog pictures on the tongue depressors by using double-faced tape or another kind of glue.

  • When we place the frogs to the chock on the lake, they will seem too far away from it. Therefore, you should shorten the tongue depressors as in the picture with the help of scissors.

  • Cover a roll of waxed paper with brown background paper, make holes on it as in the picture with the help of scissors or craft knife.

  • Cut a piece out of blue cardboard to make it look like a lake and cover it with rubbish bag. Then, glue the roll that you have prepared on it with silicon.

  • And our activity is ready ?

  • First, place the same number of frogs with the numbers in the addition to the holes on the chock. Then, get the total number of frogs and write it to the result section.

  • We enjoyed ourselves a lot ? It turned out to great when we sang the little frog song while making the activity. ?

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