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Picture with Flash Lamp

Space theme

This page includes the creative space theme activity of picture with flash lamp that I prepared for my daughter on the solar system theme.

space theme kids


Science and nature tasks are the activities that we make to teach natural events happening in our daily life (wind, rain, people, plants, our body, weather events, water, soil, natural events, seasons, our earth etc.) to the children, who also enjoy making these activities.

Arranging the activities according to children’s physical and mental development and expressing them in a way that children can understand by simplifying will make learning process efficient and enjoyable. It will also affect children’s self-confidence in a positive way and increase their curiosity more.

With entertaining activities prepared in this manner, children are able to learn those events happening in daily life, cause and effect relationships and connections between them more efficiently and comfortably. Children who attend to the experiments and activities will get more eager to wonder, research, question and to learn.

Science – nature activities are also efficient in making children more sensitive to the environment and acquiring a sense of responsibility. While contributing to psychomotor development of young age groups, they also support development in many fields as problem solving skills, concept and language development, reasoning and productive thinking skills over time.

You can also describe the subjects that your children wonder about with these kinds of activities you can prepare in an enjoyable way. ?


  • Black silvery background paper
  • White cardboard
  • Stickers with space theme
  • Glue
  • Sheet protector
  • Pictures that will be printed out on a transparent paper
  • Stapler


space theme activities

space theme for toddlers

Firstly, design a shape of flash lamp on the white cardboard as seen in the picture.

space theme montessori

space theme for kindergarten


Then, cut pieces out of black silvery background paper and design the handle part of the flash lamp.

space crafts for kids

Decorate the flash lamp that you have prepared by using stickers. (As our theme is space, we ornamented it as seen in the picture, you can try different designs ?)

activity space

activity space for kids

activity space for preschool

Cover the white cardboard with black background paper. Then, cut the sheet protector with the help of scissors and fix it on the ground that you have prepared with stapler.

activity space for kindergarten

space activities for kids

Choose the pictures you are going to use and print them out on a transparent paper from a copy center.

space activities for toddlers

space activities for preschoolers

space activities for preschool

And our activity is ready ? You can make the activity by placing the pictures printed on the transparent paper between black background and sheet protector and by dragging the flash lamp you have designed under these pictures slowly.

space ks2

space activities for children

We had a lot of fun ? We had a little talk about our space book after the activity of picture with flash lamp. You must also try it. Enjoy the game ?

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