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Mathc 3D Planets to the Flash Cards

solar system activity

Homeschool  3D planets solar system activity

We are studying the solar system for kids.I wanted to set up an activity where my girl could learn about the solar system.We chose to match 3D planets to the flash cards.To help to learn the order of the planets we sing along and match the planets to this.

My sweet girl has always enjoyed matching work for hand-eye coordination :)This solar system matching games is a great way to learn about  the solar system, the planets and stars, and how they move together.. It’s also a fun way to practice ordinal numbers!

solar system for kids

solar system for toddlers

Firstly we painted our very own planetarium model.

solar system for kindergarten

And our activity is ready 🙂

kids planet

space for kids

solar system planets

solar system project

solar system project for kids

activity space


solar system activity for kids


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