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How to Make an Eskimo House (Igloo) out of Sugar Cubes

Eskimo-igloo craft

This page includes formation of eskimo houses-igloo craft that we prepared for polar sensory bin.

igloo craft

igloo craft for kids


  • Silicon gun
  • Sugar cubes
  • Transparent funnel

First, cut the extra part of the funnel with the help of a knife or scissors and make it look like the one in the picture.

Arrange the door before beginning to place the sugar cubes.

You can use a different material instead of funnel.

Then, begin placing the sugar cubes one by one from lower part and move upward.

igloo craft for toddlers

where do eskimp live

eskimo igloo

I closed the hole above with cotton to give it a different appearance, you can also continue by placing sugar cubes.

eskimo kids

And our igloos are ready ?

inuit arts and crafts

It provides a great appearance for polar sensory table. Have fun ?

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