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Making 3D Flying Balloon

This page includes the making of flying balloons that are prepared for flying balloon sensory bin for my daughter.

First, draw flying balloon shapes on the background papers with desired colors as seen in the picture.

Then, cut each flying balloon you have drawn and make them ready by folding them from the middle. Use five pieces for one balloon.

After folding pieces that you have prepared form the middle, glue them to each other as seen in the picture. For the lower part, cut a piece out of brown background paper, make it a roll and glue it to the balloon. We garnished it with stickers but you can try different decorations.

As the last stage, cut two pieces with desired length out of rope and glue it to the flying balloon that you have prepared with silicon. And our flying balloon is ready ?

You can use these kinds of sensory activities or try different ones. Have fun ?

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