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Numicon Addition

Homeschool addition activity with numicons


  • Marker pen
  • White board
  • Numicons

My daughter is using the numicons this morning for some addition sums.I have used numicons since my children were very young in play.We have put them in sand,water,playdoh etc…
Allowing little ones to grow with the resource.So they can feel them and get use them.The problem children find is to understand the concept of a number.What does it actually mean?
They find the number 10 bus or count 10 sweet or see a number 10 house.For a young child it is a difficult concept to understand.
So numicons are brilliant in providing a concrete visual,hands-on experience of numbers.It provides the tools necessary to get to grips with the concept.Provides a concrete foundation and understanding of numbers.This helps with later maths skills as a child develops and grows.It is a resource that is highly recommended in primary schools.It is a resource that is highly recommend for all children as it is important for all children to understand the concept of numbers.

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