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Ocean sensory bag for babies

• Tape
• Locked bag
• Scissors
• Plastic ocean animals and green plant figures
• Baby oil
• Aquarium sand

Ocean sensory bag -a fun quiet time activity for kids

With materials made from various materials you can prepare at home, you can support the development of intelligence and fine motor by allowing your babies to touch different surfaces.

You can put a variety of shapes into the water by making sensory bags. Sense bags attract the attention of almost every child and can be easily prepared to appeal to children’s senses.  In fact, three basic materials are needed to prepare a sense bag; a strong glue, such as locked solid food bags, hair gel or baby oil, tape.

Jelly can be found more easily and is used as the main material because of its practical, of course, different materials can be made in the sense bags. The tape is used as a protective material so that the contents of the bag can not come out easily for safety. First of all, the bag you choose must be durable so that your children or students can remain robust while they are exploring. It can’t be easily torn and deformed.

If you don’t want to use a tape, you can also consolidate the edges of the bag with a different method. Double layer nylon cut, by passing oily paper to the edges of the iron, ensure that the nylon sticks to each other. Do not Iron an area as long as you can only put shapes in it. Put water, mineral oil, baby oil and food coloring by putting funnel in the space you leave. By putting the shapes, you want again to put the oil paper and press the nylons with the help of an iron. Your sense bag is ready. 😊

So, I made my daughter a sensory bag for Ocean contact. My daughter loved it. 😊


  • I wanted to color it because I used baby oil. Use a brush to clean the baby’s oil in a jar and use a liquid food coloring or any paint. Because our theme is the ocean, I used blue paint. We fill the baby oil we color in a locked bag.

  • It’s time to add our animal and ocean figures to the bag we filled with baby fat.

  • After adding our plastic figures, we tape the bag from the edges to reinforce it. Here’s our ocean sensory bag. 😊 Don’t you want to contribute to your baby’s sensory and mental development by preparing these sensorial bags in a short time? Let’s get some sensorial bags.

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