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Great Game Suggestions For Your Child

A game proposal that you can spend quality time with your child every day

Whether your child spends his / her day at home or at school… whether you work or not, but in addition to meeting his / her needs such as bathing or eating during the day, homeschool fun activity and play games with him / her. Because it’s worth a lot more than the most expensive toys you’ll ever put in front of him/her!

What games can I play with my child?

1-Balance scale craft

Does your child have a balance that can compare the weight of objects? If your answer is ‘no’, you can make a balance scale together! Cut two squares of equal length from cardboard or cardboard. Drill through the ropes by drilling holes on all four sides of the frames you create and connect the ropes to a dress hanger or a rolling pin. So that you can teach him the concepts of heavy and light.

2-Necklace with pasta

You can build a two-person jewelry design workshop at home. Paint perforated pasta and put it on colored threads.

3-What did I draw?

Turn your child’s back and draw a shape with your finger pointing to your back. Let your child know what you’re drawing.

4-Cooking game

Every kid loves to spend time in the kitchen. You will have fun as well as being responsible for your child with simple-looking tasks such as eating peas, washing salads.

5-Letter puzzle

On an empty paper, type all the letters in the alphabet in mixed, scattered, and large-small. Then, draw letters on another piece of paper and ask your child to find that letter and mark it.

6-The hang-up party

Hats, necklaces, tie, bow tie, belts, sunglasses, weft, berets… you can create fun costumes by having a party with your child.

7-Number pictures matching game

Prepare 10 cards of two different colors. Type numbers up to 10 on a color card. Draw pictures that correspond to these figures on other cards. For example, 1-flowers, 2-balls, 3-sun… … then ask your child to match the cards.

8-Fruit face craft

Cut pictures of foods such as carrots, bananas, olives from newspapers and magazines and make faces by using them.

9-What does it look like?

Sit together in front of the window, open the curtain, and watch the sky. Start commenting on the shape of the clouds you see. I promise you, you will hear very interesting phrases from your child!

10-Toilet paper roll butterfly craft

How about a butterfly from the toilet paper roll? Color pencils, toilet paper rolls, glue and a little creativity will have both a pleasant time and a toy made by itself.

11-Sense of smell activity for kids using smelling boxes

Put small spicy foods and spices on the chest and cover them with aluminium foil. Then ask your child to sniff the cages and guess what’s inside!

12-Pass package game

Wrap something up with paper to determine the prize of the game. Then turn on the music. When the music is playing, whoever has the package will start to open the folds of the package. When the music stops and starts again, the package will change hands. The player who opened the last floor of the package is the winner of the prize… The more crowded this game is, the more fun it is.

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