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Our Activities About Helicopters

Helicopter for kids

helicopter for kids

origami helicopter

helicopter origami craft

You can make a helicopter craft with origami method and prepare an excellent mobile by adding it next to the plane, the formation of which is explained before. (You can analyze the formation phases of the plane by clicking here). Your beloved ones, especially who love vehicles will like it a lot 🙂

Making Helicopter with Rolls

helicopter for kids

While analyzing helicopter theme, you can make a helicopter out of a roll and ask your child to paint it. 🙂 Its formation is very easy: Cut pieces as shown in the picture out of cardboard or carton and complete the helicopter by gluing the roll between two pieces.

Painting with Pompoms

You can present an enjoyable painting technique to your child by gluing pompoms on the tip of the clothespin and pouring finger paint into an appropriate container 🙂

Helicopter Crafts Puzzle Exercises

kids helicopter craft

We know experts state that children should be introduced with jigsaws and puzzles that go from simple to complex from early ages especially for integrated intelligence development. In order for your children to love puzzles, you should prepare and present puzzles about concepts that they love and that appeal to their interests, so that you can contribute to their intelligence development. Learning by enjoying is always more permanent and beneficial.

Why do puzzles support mental development of your children?

Shaping the environment: Psychologists reveal that mental development of children are affected with their manipulation of the objects around them. With jigsaws, children get the opportunity to change the shape and appearance of an object around them.

Hand-Eye Coordination: When children flip a piece of a jigsaw, change it or look behind it, they learn the connection between their hands and eyes. They determine the pieces of jigsaw that they see with their eyes, how to complete it or which pieces are necessary. Brain and hands find the necessary piece by working together and manipulate the piece properly to put it into its place.

Fine Motor Skills: Fine motor skills are necessary to write and to use many objects. Activities like getting the pieces of the jigsaw on the table and turning it properly develop fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills: Ground puzzles with big pieces prepared for little children support their gross motor skills like walking, running and jumping.

Problem Solving Skills: Active problem solving skills are very important for daily life. While children are looking at many different pieces of the jigsaw or trying to fit them on different places, these important skills develop. Children prompt many nerve connections by using problem solving skills with trial-and-error method.

Concept of Shape: Little children, even babies begin identifying shapes. Little children who are playing with jigsaws recognize the pieces, differentiate them and decide on their place.

Memory: Children keep one part of the main picture or one piece that is not placed in the memory to use it later.

Determining a Target: While playing with a jigsaw, children determine a certain strategy to complete it more effectively and fast. While some children separate the pieces of outer edges, others separate the pieces according to their colors. Then, they unite the pieces to reach the bigger picture.

Helicopter Craft Shadow Matching

helicopter worksheet

Shadow matching makes a big contribution to children’s development of visual perception skills.

Placing Pompoms According to Colors

pom pom helicopter craft

By filling the circles with colorful pompoms, you can both revise colors with your children and contribute to the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Helicopter Sensory Bin

By putting a helicopter and cotton into a blue plate near the airport, the formation of which is mentioned before, you can prepare a simple yet an enjoyable sensory bin.  My daughter played with it for a long time 🙂

helicopter sensory table

helicopter sensory box

Piece Completion Activities

It is a very nice activity for revision of colors and piece completion 🙂

helicopter puzzle activity

The activity of placing the pieces by looking at the whole 🙂

puzzle helicopter craft

With these activities, we completed helicopter subject which we gave place under the theme of vehicles. You can also prepare supportive activities for young age group children after determining a theme. Enjoy the games 🙂

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