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Our Activities about Planes

Making Airport out of Cardboard

You can prepare an airport model as seen in the picture by using colorful cardboard, black marker pen and unused boxes at home and recycle them perfectly 🙂

best flying paper airplane

Making Plane out of Wooden Clothespin

You can obtain the plane in the picture by gluing the wooden clothespins and ask your children to paint it, which would turn it to a simple but an enjoyable activity.

best paper plane design

clhespin airplane craft

Paper airplane

You can prepare this marvelous plane named after your children, who love paper airplanes, out of background paper. You can prepare the activity very easily by downloading the template given below and analyzing the formation phases.

You will find out wonderful activities if you analyze the website in the pictures, have fun 🙂

paper airplane ideas

Plane Sensory Bin

Cut one big and desired number of small-sized clouds out of blue cardboard. Glue cotton pieces on small-sized clouds. Hang the clouds and the plane, the formation phases of which are explained before, with rope. And our activity is ready 🙂

paper plane folding

Other Activities about Plane

You can apply a different painting technique by filling finger paint into the unused roll-on lids.

You can revise colors enjoyably by placing pompoms according to the colors.

You can make an enjoyable breathing exercise by blowing pompoms with pipets 🙂

planes for kids

best paper airplane design for distance

airplane craft for kids


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