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The Concept Cubes/The Colourful Towers

Building blocks for kids

  • This page includes Building blocks (cubes) that i prepared for my daughter. With the help of these concept cubes, which are colourful towers as well- you can learn not only  primary and secondary colours but also  such concepts as animals,fruits, vegetables, clothes, objects around us etc.
  • By using the concept cubes, you can deal with the concept “size” and help child’s sequencing skills to improve. Also ,you can  create a great activity for language development  by making  up stories about the objects on the concept cubes .we are having  great fun.



  • Cardboard
  • White Background paper
  • Colourful highlighters
  • Glue or pyrites
  • Scissor
  • Electrician tap
  • Clear Self Adhesive Roll (Sticky Back Plastic)
  • Silicon gun
  • Pictures ( animal, vehicles, vegetable etc )
  • First, draw some cube models with the sizes 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 cm on the cardboard. Then, fold the models from the point where you have dawn and attach them with the silicon to form cubes.  Cover the cubes with white background paper using the glue. Paste the pictures colored with highlighters overlapping the pyrites on the cubes. Use the tape to cover the edges so that children will not get injured. Finally, use the roller or gelatine to cover the cubes to protect the pictures and our work is done; they are ready

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