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Butterfly sensory bin

Do you want to make a beautiful butterfly sensory box feel good at home?

Sensory box have a significant place in Montessori philosophy of education. To mention briefly, they are the bins in which the objects, materials appealing  to as many senses as possible are placed.


The purpose is to appeal to eyesight, sense of taste, hearing and touch. These sensory bins help our children touch many different senses and learn lots of concepts by stimulating their senses. They contribute to the development of  fine motor skills as they also include activities like transferring etc. along with sensitising the senses.


  • Blond bulgur
  • Brown bulgur
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Butterfly wall stickers
  • Pompoms
  • Colorful stones
  • Pine cone
  • Battens
  • Water
  • Blue food colouring


  • Blond bulgur and brown bulgur are mixed together and spread to the ground.
  • The water is encolored by dripping little amount of blue food coloring into the container in the middle.
  • A pleasant appearance is created by placing transparent stones into the colored water.
  • White stones are placed around the container that is full of water and the container is ornamented with butterfly stickers.
  • Battens, cinnamon sticks, colorful stones, objects obtained from nature (pipe cone, leaves, flowers etc.) are placed on the ground arbitrarily.
  • Lastly, caterpillars created by sticking pompoms together are placed and the sensory bin is completed.

sensory box

sensory table

sensory play

Enjoy the game:))

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