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Chicken Sensory Bin

Chicken life cycle and sensory activity-Farm animals for kids

This page includes the sensory bin that I prepared in the chicken theme for my daughter.

However, there is an important issue that should not be ignored here. Egg cartons carry quite a lot of germs on them. Water that is used to wash the eggs to eliminate some germs that are transmitted during ovulation is not hot enough. Therefore, it would be healthier for our children if we use brand new cartons or some similar materials that are made by a carpenter.

farm animals for kids


  • Egg carton
  • Golden ribbon
  • Yellow, light and dark brown, red and white pieces of felt
  • Moveable eyes
  • Silicon and silicon gun

farm animals for toddlers farm craft
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  • I cut every single piece out of matching-colored felt by using molds that are available in the page. Then I glued them with the help of silicon.
  • I placed suitable-sized moveable eyes on each of them after designing process.
  • I placed golden ribbon on the egg carton dispersedly.
  • Lastly, I placed chickens and chicks that I prepared on the carton and our sensory bin was ready
  • As a follow-up activity of our sensory bin, we made chickens with hand printing, read our book and made chicks by using eggs, olives and carrots. It was very enjoyable :))

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Chicken life cycle sensory bin

If you have entered the world of Montessori, there are many activities prepared with care called “sensory bin” in there.

Sensory bin; it is a vessel in which the objects-materials that appeal to as many senses as possible. It appeals to the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch.

This container and its contents allow your child in preschool period to come out like a scientist. They discover their own senses and stimulate their senses. They learn different concepts and feel different textures. If you want to help your child teach numbers, you can still support the number of sensory bins. For example, finding the numbers hidden in the cotton.

  • Why do we use sensory bins?
  • For being fun 🙂 More kids like to play with sand, water and so on.
  • It helps children to develop fine motor skills.He makes a lot of transfers in the basket and develops his motor skills using spoons, scoops, and so on.
  • Their senses are developing. We are addressing at least two senses in sensory bins we have prepared. Most see and touch.
  • Sensory bins improves the ability to focus and concentrate. It is an extraordinary thing that a child spends 2 hours in an activity and shows that he is really focusing on that subject.
  • This sensory bins develops mathematics and language skills.With the sensory bins, children also learn to see objects in certain groups and categorize them.
  • One more of these useful sensory bins ?have fun ?

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farm activities for preschool

farm animal activities for toddlers

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