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Bunny Sensory Bin

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Sensory activities for toddlers

While organizing previous bunny sensory table activities that I have made with my daughter, I also want to share our new activities. Here is the rabbit sensory activities that I have prepared for my daughter who is walking and bounding around with her toy rabbit 🙂

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  • We prepared the carrots in our garden out of green, orange potty putty and pine tree branches.
  • We poured buckwheat on the ground, fenced the garden with plastic hedges and completed it.
  • We made the head of the scarecrow out of potty putty and placed moveable eyes on it. We cut a piece of felt for the body and attached it to the toothpicks that we stuck together with chenille.
  • We glued pine tree branches with silicon and placed a bird on the tree to give it a different appearance.

water beads for kids

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  • Our rabbit houses are actually candle holders. We used black stones to build the road.

sensory activities for kids

sensory activities for toddlers

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  • We circled around the rabbit with clove leaves and made it look like a hollow. We placed cinnamons, bay leaves, sere daisies, plastic trees and blond bulgur randomly.

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baby sensory bin

baby sensory activities

  • We rolled the blue potty putty, placed it on the ground, put transparent gems on it and encircled it with white stones. Then, we placed our bird on it.
  • I and my daughter made our rabbit by using chenille and moveable eyes. You can check how to do it by clicking the picture below. Have fun 🙂

bunny craft

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