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Tooth Brushing Activity

Kids toothbrush

Our subject is dental health ? We try to make the activities as concrete as we can as our students are young learners ? Here is an brushing teeth activity which is very easy to remember and which children enjoy a great deal at the same time.

kids brushing teeth

You can start with painting a tooth picture that you print beforehand. Children get really happy when they are involved in activity preparation process ?

toddler toothbrush activity

The only thing you should do afterwards is to put the tooth picture that you have painted into the sheet protector and to fix it from the edges.

healthy activities for kids

Our activity is ready ?

baby teeth activity

toddlers toothbrush

children  toothbrush craft

Tooth decays are drawn with black-colored pencil ?

kids  toothbrush activity

And we say goodbye to tooth decays by brushing them ?

The video ‘We are brushing our teeth

After we completed the activity, we talked about dental healthy activities and mentioned new concepts like gums and tooth root. With this activity, we supported a lot of skills as hand-eye coordination, attention development and concept development along with language development. We learned one of the self-maintenance abilities which is among daily life skills ? You can also make this activity with these simple materials you have at home. Enjoy the brushing teeth game ?

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