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Vase Construction from Make-up Pads

Flower painting for toddlers

Makeup cleaning pads(flower painting) can be used to make different and beautiful activities. As different materials are used, children’s interest in activity increases considerably. The flowers that I made from make-up cotton became one of the activities that we did very fondly.

The materials we need:

  • Make up remover cotton
  • Drawing paper
  • Glue
  • Black pencil
  • Finger paint


watercolor painting

Vases and flower branches are drawn on the picture paper.

flower painting

still life painting

Afterwards the glue and makeup cots are glued on the branches as shown in the picture.

painting for kids

painting art

how to make paint

And it goes through the painting stage.

flower painting for kids

flower painting for toddlers

painting art activity

cotton pad painting

make up painting

We placed our activity we loved very much in our panos. You guys should try it. Enjoy!!!

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