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Wooden Lacing Cards

Toddlers lacing activities

1-Homeschool wooden lacing cards

I got these materials from IKEA.Perfectly designed for fine motor skills.As a teacher, I think that such activities are very important.

Benefits of this materials include:

  • Fine motor skills;
  • Attention;
  • Coordination;
  • Patience etc…

lacing activities

lacing activities for toddlers

lacing activities for kids

lacing activities for kindergarten

kids lacing activities

2-Button Snack Lacing Activity

Easy fine motor skills activity DIY button snack lacing activity: All you need is felt,a ribbon,scissor and a button.-Glue or sew a button to one and of the ribbon.You can glue or sew another butter or felt. -Cut the felt in to fun shapes and cut a tiny hole in the middle of the shapes to passthe button and your done:)

button lacing activities


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