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Making Penguins out of Rolls

Kids penguin craft

This page includes formation phases of penguins out of rolls(penguin craft), which I used in shape hunting activity that I prepared for my daughter.

craft paper roll

penguin craft

First, cover the rolls with black background paper.

penguin craft for toddlers

Then, create the body part with white background paper.

how to make a penguin

Create the mouth part by following the stages below.

penguin toilet paper roll

penguin crafts for toddlers

Prepare each roll in this way.

toilet roll raft

penguin craft ideas

penguin craft

Attach the feet prepared out of orange background paper.

penguin craft for toddlers

toilet paper roll crafts

Then, create the wings out of black background paper as seen in the picture.

craft ideas for kids winter

toilet paper roll penguin

Lastly, glue the movable eyes with silicon and complete the activity..

Homeschool paper plate penguin craft idea


  • Paper or plastic plate
  • Glue and scissors
  • Black fon carton paper
  • Orange crepe paper
  • Blue finger paint
  • Paper Snowflakes with Hole Punch

January 20,photo a day:I like this.
Coming up with crafts to do with the children at our homeschool co-op.I miss my own children being younger and doing all these fun crafts with them.So glad I can ‘teach’ the preschool class at co-op.


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