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Tree Counting Game with Dot Sticker

Homeschool counting game activity with paper roll and dot stickerts

Preschool children are inquisitive, searching, imaginative. In order to support the development of the children in this way, they should give opportunities for them to investigate, to ask their curiosity, to see the result relation, to give various ideas and to make predictions and to prepare education environments in this direction.

This is possible through “math activities”, which are activit pre-school years are the magical years in which the foundations of many mathematical concepts are gained. In this period, children apply many basic concepts of mathematics in their daily life and begin to learn these concepts.ies that stimulate children’s curiosity and research feelings and stimulate their mental ability.

This page includes a great math activity that you can prepare with the ingredients in your home.Have fun ­čÖé

The materials you need:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • dot stickers
  • green background paper
  • glue and scissors


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