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Matching Activities with Butterfly Theme

Butterfly craft ideas

This page includes some activities supporting butterfly matching skills that we prepared under butterfly theme.

butterfly activity

Children match creatures depending on various features in time. These kinds of matchings are another dimension of distinguishing features. Perceptively, matching require realization of similarities, associations and differences.

Matching skills involve certain skills like matching the same patterns by interpreting them in terms of various features, matching the similar ones and matching the relevant ones.

butterfly theme activity

Our butterfly activity here is an example of one-to-one correspondence and matching in terms of color features. To do this activity, it is first necessary to recognize the features and to detect their difference from others.

Actually, our children see us matching while doing many activities in our daily life. For example, if we give candy to all children who come as visitors but exclude one of them, that child will also ask for candy. Although this kind of matching seems simple and insignificant, it has influence on children’s mathematical thinking skills and it will help children comprehend group activities in the future.

Here, children use their visual perception skills. Your children do not have to know the colors in order to do this activity, only visual perception is used. Children can perform matching activities at the ages of 1-2.

You can have them match simple and limited number of objects at young ages then you can present activities requiring more complicated matching skills as they grow older. You can use this activity both for revision of colors and to explain butterfly-pollen connection.

In order to support your children’s matching skills, you can buy educational toys like memory cards, dominoes, bingos with pictures or you can do this kind of activities at home.





Plastic spoon craft ideas

One more fun activity you can do with your kids at home 🙂

Materials :

  • Plastic spoon
  • Eva foam sheets
  • Dot stickers
  • Glue

butterfly craft preschool

First, draw your child’s tiny hands on paper.Then your child is cutting it off and little fingers are working nicely JAnd lastly, we stick on plastic spoon the hand marks we cut from the eva  foam sheets, we also make spots with dot stickers on hand marks.Have fun 🙂

butterfly project

butterfly activities for preschoolers

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