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Life Ciycle of a Butterfly

Homeschooling butterfly theme life cycle of a butterfly

  • Children come to the world with a natural sense of wonder and exploration. They diversify their exploration with the senses of taste, touch, eyesight, hearing and smell at the early stages of their life. Everyday life experiences offer numerous opportunities for perceiving, recognizing and making sense of the world. (The mother who is cooking in the kitchen, weather condition and change outside the window etc.)
  • Science is also a part of our life. Therefore, science education should be unified with the education program by relating it to the everyday life and making it more meaningful. A lot of events occurring in the natural environment like observing the movements of a fish, examining a spider give children a chance for science studies.
  • Science education at preschool level is an interesting and enjoyable process, which turns abstract knowledge based on their curiosity and interest into tangible information. This education which occurs in early life is the first step to raise individuals who can think logically and who have the ability to think productively by investigating and questioning.
  • During the science education built on visual experiences at preschool level, children can find answers to many questions that are interesting for them.
  • The environment in which children live include animate and inanimate beings like plants, animals, the air, the ground and water. Children come across all these scientific issues in their everyday life.
  • A lot of issues like the movement of clouds, the rain, colors of the rainbow, the animal kingdom, a working vacuum cleaner, the design of the human body, a plane which is passing by are the starting point of the questions of curious children.
  • Raising productive individuals whose ability to solve problems has developed, who can understand the relations among the objects is possible by opening the doors of prosperous world of science education to children.


butterfly cycle

  • Artificial leaves
  • Butterfly wall stickers
  • Artificial flowers
  • Snail shell
  • Silvery pompoms and pompoms without glitter
  • Silicon and silicon gun
  • Brown dye


  • First, I gave shape to the artificial leaves as shown in the pictures.
  • Then I attached butterfly wall stickers and artificial flowers arbitrarily.
  • To make them look like eggs, I placed tiny white pompoms.
  • I painted snail shell to brown to make it look like cocoon.
  • Lastly, I placed the snail shell and the caterpillar that I prepared out of pompoms and completed life circle of the butterfly.

butterfly life span

butterfly life cycle for kids

caterpillar life cycle

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